Op Swap

It’s amazing the number of people in countries across the world where we now make connections online. One such connection for me was made with re-inventing fashion via flickr and I decided to join Jody’s winter op swop. Sounds a bit mad as it’s actually summer (supposedly) here in the UK but I just thought it would be fun.

These are the rules – Minimum 3 & max. 5 gifts per parcel, with at least:
~ 1 item to be found in an Op Shop/Garage Sale/Flea Market.
~ 1 item to be handmade by yourself or someone else.
~ 1 Winter themed item.

I’m not entirely sure that I managed the winter theme. Posting day was Friday and as it will take a few days to reach my swap partner I can only give you the tiniest glimpse of what I’ve sent.

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  1. How intriguing! Hope once the swap has reached its destination you’ll share what was tucked away inside – see you Thursday!

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