The Olympics

Well I don’t know what the rest of the world made of the opening ceremony but it sure was a mixed bag in my eyes. The rural start was slightly twee but I did understand what it was trying to convey. When it moved on to the industrial age it got a lot more interesting. The chimneys rising into the sky were brilliant and the forging of the rings was fantastic. Celebrating the NHS seems to have been a little controversial but it is a great British success story and it was understandable unlike some of the other elements, thank goodness for BBC explanations.

The cauldron was genius, that and the rings were the highlight for me and that’s where we should have left it. It was bad enough rolling out Paul McCartney for the jubilee but we really shouldn’t have inflicted such a poor performance on the public a second time. Did it convey what being British is about? Well, it was organised and it was certainly  eclectic and eccentric so perhaps it did.

This popped up locally yesterday and I think it’s a great idea. there’s bunting, strings of pom poms and Olympic rings, it’s very eye catching. It’s also interactive.

The medal tally will appear on the tree in the form of medals (in appropriate colours) as the team win them but it’s a nice touch to invite people to leave messages.

The Olympic flame is also represented.

The London tree is a great bit of fun too, I especially like the guard.

I managed to finish my Olympic cushions whilst watching the opening ceremony and these will be posted off to Woolsack tomorrow.

It was strange to look down at my lap and think these will be received by two of the athletes I’ve just seen on TV. I wonder which country they’ll end up in.

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