In need of a name

After failing to make my first flame inspired piece into a book cover I took another run at it.

It always looks so lovely when the dry fibres are laid out ready for felting. Hebridean background with hand dyed Teeswater curls.

Heavenly, you just want to dive into it.

I’m unsure whether to decorate with beads or to leave it as pure wool and I also need help with a name. Any suggestions anyone? Please help.


2 Replies to “In need of a name”

  1. hello hello hello – 2nd attempt, not sure what happened to the first! It sort of disappeared!
    How about:

    1. Phoenix Rising
    2. Feel the Heat
    3. Samhain’s Heat
    4. Bonfire delight


    Ps, if the first version happens to appear – please delete!

  2. ooh, ooh, which to choose, these are all good suggestions but I think no.3 is my winner. Thanks Kate and great to see you back. x

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