Not quite what I intended

I’m trying to find time to make a few items for the exhibition in October and one of my first thoughts was around flames. So off I set to make a book cover with this idea in mind.

The idea was that the flames would wrap around the spine and lick from left to right across the front. The background is Hebridean fibres and the locks are hand dyed Teeswater. Once I’d laid it out and felted it I wasn’t happy with how it looked on the book and it seemed a waste so I changed my mind and have kept it as a picture.

After some debate over whether or not to add some stitch I took the plunge. I’ve included about 5 stitches in total and finished it off with seed beads.

This really works for me as a picture with the beads giving the impression of sparks. I’ve decided to call it Flame Garden and all that remains now is for me to make a book cover.

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