Cushion One

Ages ago, more than a year, I did a little bit of dyeing. I had a wool blanket which I boil washed 4 times but it wouldn’t felt so I cut it in half and tried again. With more room in the washer I thought perhaps that might help it to felt but all to no avail. However I decided to dye it as I’m sure I’d have a use for it. This gorgeous dyed blanket then sat in the cupboard for so long I thought I’d never get inspiration.

Thank goodness for exhibitions, they make you cast around for materials that can be used with your ideas and work within the theme.The theme is the dying of the sun, lots of use for reds, oranges and yellows. “They’d look perfect on turquoise and purple” I told myself. Judge for yourself.

Needle felted and then wet felted to make it more secure – it is a cushion after all. It’s envelope style which doesn’t always require any other fastening but on this occasion I felt it did. The other benefit of envelope style being it requires only 2 seams and no zips.

You can see I sealed the cut edge of the cushion by enclosing it in wool and wet felting it. The button is hand made from fimo and the yarn is some of the rug yarn which I rescued from a skip and dyed at the same time as the blanket so it’s a perfect match. It’s very simple but I’m pleased with this.

I surprised myself by how easy I found the drawing in needle felting, drawing is something I usually avoid but perhaps I shouldn’t. The title for this one is ‘Risen’. Tomorrow, the purple cushion.


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  1. What a fabulous cushion Angela. I love the firey Phoenix on the bright background. Your felty drawings in this post and the previous one look so vibrant and have such a natural flowing nature. I do hope you will do some more of them. The cushion finishing and edging are really neat (in both senses of the term!!)
    All the best with the exhibition…from all the sneaky peeks it looks really inspiring!

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