Cushion two

I know I promised this a couple of days ago but I seem to be stuck in a time warp where the days just speed past in a couple of hours. For this lovely deep purple colour I knew I wanted something serene and friendly to show the positive side of the sun and so this is what I produced.

The title is ‘Warmth of the sun’. It’s much larger than the other cushion being 26″ square with a 28″ cushion pad inside (don’t you just hate those floppy empty corners on cushions?)

The cut edge has been encased in felt and the fastening makes use of an old button. Again, the rug yarn was dyed at the same time as the blanket so is a perfect match.

I loved doing the curly bits on the end of each flame shape. It took a long time as after carding the fibres I needle felted them into position before wet felting. The blankets wouldn’t felt as I wished and you can therefore see through to the cushion pad beyond. I didn’t want any white to show so I made orange covers for each pad before inserting so that it ties in with the colours on the front.

My favourite shot. I had hoped to do some more creative photos but the cushions had to be delivered for the exhibition and the sky was dark with rain so these are the best I managed. Perhaps I’ll get more when the exhibition opens, I’ll let you know.

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  1. Finishing off the edge by felting it is a stroke of genius. Now it seems so obvious, but I’ve never thought of doing it! Love both the purple and the turquoise with the reds and oranges.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. Felting the edge was my second idea for finishing it, wish I could claim it had been my first!

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