First workshop of the Autumn

Life just seems to be whizzing by. Holidays are over, my daughter is back at school and I held my first workshop yesterday. It must have been  good  because my husband complained about all the noise and laughter!

What a motley crew they are but so adorable with it. It’s hard to believe that we all began with 5 basic sausage shapes, yet ended up with very different animals/ creatures/dolls.

I do wish we’d managed to name them as this debonair offering from Jane deserves a name I feel. The bow tie was an inspired addition.

I’m not sure at what point the idea of an elephant presented itself to Jeanette but there was no stopping her once it had. You may have noticed that it’s smaller than some and this is because Jeanette worked until the felt was very firm and hence smaller. There are even muscle details on the haunches.

This appealing winged creature is by Tricia. One of the original ideas was to give it over sized ears but Tricia wasn’t happy with them until she realised they’d make great wings instead – a happy chance.

This figure by Barbara went though the great change in it’s creation. Early on, it was definitely a male creature and as you see now is definitely a female doll. Barbara’s love of all things pretty meant she wasn’t happy until it underwent a complete change.

This is by Shiona and is very cute.  I especially like tthe friendly face, heart on his leg and the love banner.

We worked with a number of fibres during the day trying out; Merino, English 56s, Black Welsh Mountain, Jacob and Norwegian with most people  choosing to work in either Norwegian or Jacob. It’s a workshop that creates lots of laughter as we marvel at the transformation of wool into characters some of it not intended but always interesting. Roll on the next one.


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