My turn

I was inspired by Saturday’s workshop to play around and create a picture of my own.I began by laying out carded fibres before wet felting the scene of the cow and calf rocks in Ilkley.

I used one of my own sunset photos as inspiration but wasm’t completely happy with the sky as I made it too dark. Well, I’ve had a little play and added more fibres using needle felting.  I’m much happier now.

This one was created using only wet felting techniques.

It’s inspired by a photo I spotted on the internet and just fancied having a go. The fibres for the tree were carded browns and blacks but everything else was laid on in layers. I just kept adding more until I liked what I had plus my home grown critic (daughter) agreed I could stop.

Generally, pictures aren’t one of my favourites but I think I may be doing a few more now – I’m in the mood.

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  1. How creative! it is nice when you’ve been inspired and it works out, inspiring you to do more 🙂 Can we meet up? I’ve got some fleece for you x

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