Parceval Hall

Yesterday dawned with  fabulous blue and sunny skies, too good to waste staying indoors. Unfortunately my daughter has labyrinthitis and a bad knee so walking too far wasn’t an option. We decided to visit our favourite local gardens which is always so tranquil and calming with lovely views across to the hills.

We picked up our cameras and called at the supermarket for picnic supplies. Within minutes of arriving the battery died on one camera (oops, never crossed my mind to check that) a moment later I discovered that the second camera didn’t have a memory card in it. Fortunately the card from the dead battery camera did work in the second so we had one good camera. Shame that it then started to give warnings of a low battery.

Despite our camera troubles (and the flies biting during lunch) here’s my selection of our best photos for your enjoyment.

This was taken by my fourteen year old daughter – stunning isn’t it. I think it’s great that she’s just started her GCSE in photography, it’ll be time well spent.

This is a red-legged shieldbug snapped by my husband but spotted by my daughter.

I took this photo, for me, it sums up the day. Sat on the terrace, enjoying the peacefulness and the view.

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  1. Glad you managed to get some photos, thry are lovely. We usually go away and forget the charger. Sorry to hear about you daughter’s labarynthitis, not pleasant. Hope he gets well soon. I have just returned from Carnforth having just started the intermediate felt making course., so I thought of you. Had a lot of fun and am about to invest in. Drum carder:) hope you are well x

  2. Thanks for your comments Helen, I’m very well thanks and lots of luck with Carnforth I know you’re going to love it.

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