What a view!

Just two of the pictures created at Saturday’s felt workshop. Lindisfarne by Ruth and the icy mountain picture by Ruth  (2). It was a very creative day so much so, that I won’t be showing all the pictures created as there were too many and I had a technical failure with the camera meaning some pictures were too blurred to be used (what do you mean ‘user error’ ?)

A great picture by Chris who’s new to felting, you wouldn’t believe it would you?  All the pictures were created using Merino wool fibre and a variety of techniques for laying out.

This careful study is by Barbara who has a love of birch trees. I thought you might like to see what was used for inspiration so have included the source material on this one.

This pretty, dynamic flower is by Sandra and was a favourite with my daughter. It’s amazing how a camera transforms them from pieces of wet felt into pictures.

A second picture by Barbara and created in a very different manner to the first. Had I had any available I’m sure Barbara would have created the first picture using tweezers but this was done in a looser more fluid manner and a shorter time but is no less lovely.

This evocative scene is by Ruth. The detailed tree gives structure but the background and leaves are in an impressionistic style.

This was Mich’s second picture but is the one I choose to show as it’s so very different in style to the others. It’s interesting to see how Mich interpreted the postcard and just how successful it’s been.

Everyone created beautiful work and my sincere apologies to Pauline as due to my blurred photos I haven’t been able to show any of her work. My thanks to Chris for her assistance in tidying and sorting the wool in her free moments. Thank you all ladies, I’m inspired to go and have a play!

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  1. Wow, some excellent works of art there, I instantly recognised the first image of the castle on lindesfarne from the old quay – fantastic x

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