Last time I went shopping with Mum I was depressed to see so much Christmas stuff in the shops already but it led to a conversation about what we like to see on our tree. Mum really likes birds in the tree so when we recently got together with Charlotte I had an idea that we could make some birds.

I took along some scraps of felt, fibres and felting needles. The birds were cut free hand and then decorated.

We made these in a couple of hours.

The top one and the orange one are versions of peacocks. Mum decided she didn’t want these on her tree so I thought they’d make a great garland.

It kept Grandma and Granddaughter quiet for a while.

4 Replies to “Birds”

  1. There are so lovely I feel quite inspired. I have always made things for the christmas tree but not tried felting anything.
    thank for sharing

  2. Thanks for popping by and commenting Martine and Elizabeth, I’m happy to have inspired you Martine I’m sure they’ll look lovely on your tree

  3. Meant to comment earlier but had things going on, love your bird collection. Think they look great as a wall hanging but don’t your cats show any interest in them? I have a row as ‘tough as old boots’ crocheted ones and they were for ever being used as a Tarzan rope by them. So much so that the lowest bird looks a little worse for wear.

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