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Andrea Hunter is a well known felt maker who specialises in felt paintings which owe much to fine art techniques. For those interested in picture making Andrea has written a book ‘Creating Felt Pictures’

If you’re looking for a book that teaches lots of felt making techniques then I’ll state right now, this isn’t the book for you. It is very specifically aimed at those  interested in felt pictures and not other forms of felt making.

However this is a great book for taking you through all the elements to consider with picture making. Andrea begins by extolling the virtues of collecting images through photographs and sketches before beginning work, how she sets up her workspace, what wools she uses and basic feltmaking skills.

There’s information on how to create lines with wool, setting out a basic structure for your picture, how Andrea uses pre-felt for definition and tips on persepective. It also covers; proportions, focal points, 3D illusion, balance and how to scale pictures up if you wish to work larger.

After the drawing elements above Andrea then covers painting with wool in which she discusses how to blend colours, different ways of layering fibres for effect and light and shadow.  If you had a bad experience with art as a child don’t let these terms frighten you. Andrea discusses them in a very clear way and walks through how they affect her work and what you need to consider, it’s all very straightforward. There’s even a section on hand dyeing and presenting work.

If you like creating felt pictures I’d recommend this book

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