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I’ve been so busy making items for exhibition, and keeping some under wraps, that I haven’t yet had chance to show you everything I’ve made. It’s interesting as I set out to do some local items for the Ilkley Art Trail and interpreted that as landscapes. I did make a couple, which I’ve already shown you, before I realised I was forcing it and started to really think about how I could interpret local in a way that made sense to me.

What I really like is partial rather than whole lanscapes.

As I’d used quite bright almost spring like greens I felt the tree needed leaves of some description. I like the little curls and the hint of  blue/purple at the bottom gives the impression of bluebells.

Earlier in September we explored on the Cow & Calf rocks whilst waiting for the sun to set. Our daughter is taking a photography GCSE and the homework was to take a local scene – she chose a sunset and the view from the rocks over to the west gives great sunsets. Whilst clambering around I noticed the amount of graffiti up there and that inspired this next piece.

As this is to sell I made the actual graffiti quite generic,  It would be good to try a few colour experiments with this idea but I approach it with trepidation.

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