Catch up two

After landscapes I then moved on to plant life and the first idea I came up with was cotton grass, you get a lot of that on moors.


It’s not really my usual thing but I did enjoy making it. First I wet felted the background then dry felted the cotton grass onto it finishing off with some cotton fibres. More of these?definitely. This led me onto further plants but I wandered off the moors into the hedgerow for this next one.

Poppies are red, well that was what I’d always thought until I started to build this one up and included orange and pink too. I think I prefer the cotton grass but this has it’s own appeal.

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  1. Love your pictures Angela…I wet felted a poppy this time last was really tricky to get the shape right..I ended up adding more and more then refelting it. Your subtle varied colours are beautiful..and the undulating petal shapes.
    You have really captured the whispy-ness of the cotton grass…it looks so realistic and such a welcome familiar sight from my childhood! Love its simplicity. Brilliant! Hope to see more!
    Ali x

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