The Dying of the Sun

This is the final piece I submitted for the exhibition and probably the one I like the most. Inspired by the title I thought I’d make a sun and show it from red hot through to dying ember colours with the whole thing made from flowers.

When I thought I had enough I laid them out in a circular shape but it really wasn’t working for me. Not enough flowers?  too small? To be truly spectacular in a circular shape I decided it needed to be far larger, would need more flowers and that I would run out of time. I still liked the idea so I wondered if it would work in another shape. A rummage in the garage found me these two pieces of used wood.

I chose to work with the longer narrower piece and set to with scrbbing brush and water to clean it up. I didn’t see how I could use a single hook mechanism to hang it as unless it was dead centre the finished piece wouldn’t hang straight. I solved it by using 2 D rings with wire between them so that it could find it’s own centre.

Best way to attach the flowers? Hot glue gun. I began with the hot colours at the top.

I did actually work it with the wood vertical gainst the wall. This is how it will be seen when hung and I didn’t want to end up with any gaps by working on it flat.

Going well, colours blending into each other quite well.

Still going well. Nearly there.

Blast, ran out of flowers! At this point work on assembly stopped whilst I made more flowers. In total I made and attached 50 flowers.

Finished. The whole family love this piece and I’m hoping that it will come back home after the exhibition. I know I could make another one for me but it wouldn’t be the same and where would I find the time? I reckon this has taken something like 15 hours to make.

I thought you’d like a couple of close ups of the colours used.

I’ve used reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, purples, blues, greys, browns and blacks. A lot of blending and carding. I’ll leave you with my favourite picture, I’m one contented felt maker.

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