Yes Kate, it has felted down well and I’m pleased with it. After cutting open the seam I worked the felt until it was smaller and firmer and then I’ve added lots more stitching.


I kept with the running stitch in purple, red and orange and now really like the finished item, partially because of the texture created  by the stitching.  I know I like texture so it surprises me that I didn’t add more in the first place.

The picture above shows the back and you can now see that I’ve finished it by stitching along the edge in blanket stitch with a wool thread. It’s my favourite way of finishing notebook covers. I like to preserve the slightly uneven edge rather than cutting the felt and as I’m obsessive about the stitching not showing on the reverse I don’t need to line it either.

This little book is quickly finding a special place in my affections. In fact, you could say it’s become a favourite.


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  1. I’m not surprised you’re pleased with it, well done, I love the blanket edge finishing off – it was worth the second going over 🙂

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