Dyeing muslin

This last batch of dyeing was far less stressful than some, for starters I didn’t drop a bowlful of dye on the floor and splash it all up the wall. As it’s muslin I used fibre reactive dyes and it’s a cold process so the house wasn’t full of the smell like it is when I’m dyeing wool.

Three dye baths, red, blue and green. You can clearly see the difference from red to mid pink to pale pink. There’s a blue missing as there was no difference between dye bath 1 and 2 but you can see dye bath 3 is much paler. The green was intended to be a yellow green and the first dye bath used up most of the yellow with the second using up more of the blue. You can see it more clearly in the next photo.

Love the red and blue, really like the first yellow green but don’t like the pale green. As the dyes weren’t exhausted I finished them off by dyeing some ramie fibres.

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