It’s a wrap

On Saturday we were creating nuno wraps using cotton muslin and Merino wool. I like to begin scarf workshops with a sample piece to allow people the opportunity to try out a few ideas before implementing them on the wrap. The cotton lengths we used were 70cm x 200cm

The blue scarf is by Jean with a lovely wiggly edge and some brilliant texture on the back.  Th darker maroon/plum is by Ruth. The dark colour worked very well with the white cotton and the white wool nepps and silk highlights.

Jeni was the only one who chose to cover the whole of the cotton with wool in two very very fine layers with a few additions of tussah silk and mulberry silk noil.The finished item looked like a night sky. The bright yellow one  by Wendy  had pre-felt circles with explosions of brightly coloured wool. Wendy  is the only person who chose to significantly change the edge of the wrap by cutting it rounded.

The wrap on the left is by Katherine  and was created using, blue, black and pink wool.  Katherine  wanted less solid broken lines and carded her fibres before laying out. The musln in the centre of some of the circles was cut away and looked really effective. Helen had a bit of a crisis of colour during laying out but overcame her problem and went on to flip the wrap and add a little extra decoration on the other side which worked very well. You’d never guess that they’d never made felt before.

Kelly chose to include Teeswater curls and happily they all stuck and looked fantastic with the curvy sea green lines giving extra interest. Kelly is another new felter but you can’t tell can you? Anne  made green pre-felt which she then cut into leaf shapes, many of which she used to adorn the edge of the wrap and give it a broken outline. Laid flat on a table doesn’t show the wraps to their best advantage but they were rather wet for wearing.

I know I always say what a great group and what a good time I had but it’s absolutely true. People helped setting up, Jean finished a little early and washed up, people helped each other to finish off their wraps and everyone helped with clearing up. It was the fastest clear up ever, thank you all.



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