With my Daughter on crutches for the last six weeks and in school only part time we’ve spent our time home tutoring and finding items to occupy her. Jigsaws have been a major part of the entertainment. We bought (charity shop) one which had a deceptively simple design and yet was fiendish to complete. C has given up and completing it was taken over by Hubby with the help of Hubby’s friend D.

Between them Hubby and D took a logical approach sorting colours in daylight to try and speed completion during the darker hours. D went home and Hubby continued alone, slowly, slowly the gaps were being filled. One final effort last night before bed and the end was in sight.

Hubby turned his back for an instant and two of the cats decided to play a game of tag across it – several times by the looks of it. It’s been packed quietly away and is not to be mentioned for a while.

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