What should be on the front?

I’ve made this small note book cover in Norwegian wool with a Wensleydale beard. Hubby doesn’t like the beard ‘too impractical’ but I do like it. Do you?

Helped again!  Not really, this time he was actually trying to distract me as he wanted my attention and kept rubbing himself against my hand as I tried to take photos. Below is what I wanted to show you.

The problem is that the front seems a little too blank and I can’t decide what to put on it. Initially I appliqued a sheep on but it wasn’t right and I cut it off but it does need and deserve something. I’m toying with the the idea of a heart but am also considering a fluid curly(ish) abstract design in stitch and beads. Any opinions or other  suggestions?

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  1. What about tying off three loops and sewing three buttons on the front for keeping the book closed?

    Or can you just turn it upside down and make the more decorated side the front? The beard looks nice, but it is a bit impractical. I’m imagining the book stuffed into a bag and getting tangled up.

    I like it rather plain. It looks more modern than it would with more decoration.

  2. It is lovely, the curls make me think of a cloud and the dark background of a stary night or full moon.

  3. difficult to know what to do, tempted to cut the curls off but once off, they can’t be put back on

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