Craft Day

Dreadful weather here at the moment, nothing but rain for days keeping us inside more than we’d like but the upside is that it gave me time for a little crafting. I began the day with a little light spinning and then moved onto a quick card making session.

This came to us as a card Christmas 2011 and was used as a gift tag by my daughter this year and is now being used as a template to make cards for next year. That’s good value.

Years ago we bought a stool for the bathroom, it was battered and the upholstery was moth eaten We stripped it back and painted it at which point we decided ir was fine without being reupholstered.

Lately, for that read the last year, I’ve been thinking that perhaps it’s time to recover it. The top is scratched and I didn’t want to repaint but what to put on? I considered several felt designs but wasn’t really happy with anything so I paid a visit to the fent shop in Skipton and bought a designer remainder for £1. These cheap ends often have problems which on this piece was that it had printed faintly, which suits me just fine. I think it looks fab on the stool and there’s even enough left over to make a new shopping bag.

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  1. Happy New Year Angela et al! I love how you’ve done that card, did you spray it over the cut out? Why I ask, is I have been given a similar type of card and would love to make some cards too xx

  2. Happy New Year to you Kate. I don’t have any spray paint so just used a stencil brush with acrylic paint so the card wouldn’t get too wet.

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