For Charlotte

I saw these on Mollie Makes and knew they were perfect for my daughter Charlotte.

Owls are all the range and Charlotte has just bought herself an owl hat. My first thought was to see if I could buy anything similar as I don’t do much knitting these days but when that failed there was nothing for it but to buy the magazine with the pattern included.  Not only do I not knit much, I’ve never used double pointed needles (DPNs) and I’ve never cabled either.

Casting on was easy and from there on it all went downhill very quickly. I completed row one but didn’t see how this joined up and the pattern didn’t explain so I went on the internet and found myself some instructions closely followed by taking it undone and starting again. To say I had a little trouble would be understating it, It didn’t help that when the pattern said put the cable needle to the front I mistakenly held it to the back. Seventeen tries later I managed to get beyond the ribbed wrist!

DPNs are the spawn of the devil when you’ve never used them before not helped by the stitches falling off one or more needles on more than one occasion. Changing to bamboo needles sorted that one. I struggled with the thumb, my stitches were loose and it looked like I had holes. When I finally finished one it looked like this.

Those of you who knit will know that I didn’t read the pattern correctly and that’s why the body of the owl on the cable stitches isn’t right. Of course, all this had to be done after Charlotte went to bed so I was starting work on them late at night when tired, had never used DPNs or cable knitted before. Somehow I can’t help feeling it should have been easier than this. Completing one really helped as it meant I could work out what was happening, Working 3D you can’t see correct side of the work and I didn’t understand it from the back.

Having completed one I went back to the pattern for the next one and all it said was “reverse” for the other hand. What! I just paid for this, you tell me how to reverse not expect me to work it out myself. After calming down I worked out what needed to be done and managed to get the thumb hole in the right place. Shame I forgot to reverse the instructions for the increases!!  Anyway, warts and all, here they are finished.

Not mistake free but made with love and loved by the recipient.

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