Friendship, food and creativity

It’s time again to create some garden provided decorations for the house. This year daughter Charlotte invited her friend Daisy and mother Lorraine along. We shared a lunch of crusty bread soup, cheese and ham followed by brownies and mince pies (yes, both deserts for my daughter!) delicious. And yet we still found time for some of this.

Not only are these hearts by Lorraine and Daisy fabulous but the top one has cranberries on to feed the birds and the bottom one has holly berries for them. Great idea, I may have to try this next year.

My wreath made from copper beech, glitter clad cinnamon sticks and orange slices. First time Hubby has gone wow at one of these offerings, must be doing something right.

Beech, partially sprayed hydrangea and sprayed silver veronica for this simple arrangement for the porch.


Above – For the living room,

Fantastic offerings from my daughter, she never knows what she’s going to make until she’s already doing it.

Wonderfully bright and colourful for the hall – also by Charlotte. two more creative itmes from Charlotte, a wonderful stick reindeer

and some meticulously created snowflakes which were quite labour intensive but so worth it.


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