Handmade Christmas

Some years we manage to do more hand made goods than others. I’ve managed some this year but my Daughter has excelled herself.

One stocking for herself and one each for me and her Dad. They’re beautifully executed and will now be hung every year which is great to look forward to.

The cushion was made for Grandma and is her first attempt at a larger item made using cross stitch. The wrapping paper she hand drew to wrap a present for her Dad.

Flavoured olive oil for Dad. Charlotte put 3 cloves of garlic in, it’s very pungent we’ll have to see if the taste matches the smell.

Charlotte also made six calendars for family members using photographs which she’s taken herself and choosing carefully which image would be appropriate for each month. I’m showing you February and December.

The only card we saw in the shops this year that I liked for our daughter cost £4 which seemed a ridiculous price so I decided to make one instead and I’m so pleased I did. The lettering was cut from a newspaper magazine and what’s on guide and the owl was made from leftover felt. Charlotte thought it was cool but wondered why I hadn’t given it a beak so a hasty update was required!

Other than the fingerless mittens in my last blog, I forgot to take photos of  my handmade presents to others but i did take a photo of one wrapped with the hand spun yarn for ribbon and handmade hearts adorning it. Shame I can’t actually find the photos now. I’d wondered what to do with my first handspun very slubby yarn and was delighted to come up with the ribbon replacement idea. I wonder if anyone worked out what it was?

We’re not lovers of Christmas pudding in this house so Charlotte baked an orange and marshmallow cake. Yummy.

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