Little things 3

I started this blanket some months ago and began stitching it together last month. It’s seemed a long job but strangely, weaving the ends in didn’t seem to take too much time. I laid it on the floor to take a photo for you and was ably assisted / hindered by Midi.

You can’t shout at them when they’re so appealing and he really didn’t want to move off.

Strange place to photograph a blanket but it was a light spot on a fairly grey day.

It’s hard to decide which side I like best.

For those who’re interested, it contains 768 squares made with 32 different colours.

I’ve also been busy finishing a cushion from the British wool that I bought for my Olympic cushions. A single yarn was too thin so I combined three, it’s certainly made it very sturdy.

It’s a mixture of olive, gold and plum and was intended as a give away but it seems to have found a home on our sofa.

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  1. Love the blanket, It has been interesting watching its progress – looks especially good beneath a cat….that is the best way to display a blanket!

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