Not much is the answer

Remember I asked what should be on the front of this?

Elizabeth had good ideas but I really didn’t want to lose the beard, I liked it. I tried stitching wavy lines on but they didn’t work so I removed them. Then, I started a line and it turned into a heart with patterns inside but I knew even whilst I was sewing it that it just wasn’t working for me so that too was removed. Thoughtful pause …….. what was it again that Elizabeth said?

A fastening! I tried this small metal button and for some reason it just made me think – door. I liked it but not as much as these three.

Now I’m thinking cuff. Much as it hurt, I tucked the beard under to see what it looked like clean shaven and I’m afraid the beard just had to go.

So, I’ve removed the beard and stitched on the buttons and the answer to what should be on the front was, not much. There’s a small pile of discarded curls by my side which I can’t bear to throw away so they’ll live to felt another day.

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