So much to do, so why?

Christmas is coming and as usual there’s lots to do, some of it the pleasure of choosing and making / buying presents, some of it more of a chore, cleaning and moving furniture so we can put the tree up. So why, oh why does my house look like this?

That’s a whole Wensleydale fleece hanging from my airer. Lovely isn’t it, the only problem being my washing basket is overflowing and there’s nowhere else to dry the fleece where the cats won’t play with it. It’ll be a relief when fleece washing is completed and I would like to finish them before Christmas (still 2.5 BFL to wash!) but we really do need clean clothes soon!!! Does your house get like this? please cheer me up and tell me it does.

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  1. No, your house is the only one… not!
    However, most people don’t have fleece to dry! Can you hang some hangars from a shower rod or towel bar or someplace to dry laundry? Or a clothesline between doorknobs? Now that would be fun to navigate around 🙂
    Keep your sense of humor, this too shall pass.

  2. Angela, am so glad it is not just me. Good job I have a lovely tolerant husband. I washed most of my fleeces in the summer and spread them all over the lawn. My neighbours must have thought i had gone mad (or sheep rustling). I still have a Wensleydale fleece to do but I had not thought of the airing cupboard For drying it. At this time if year particularly, I am accused of turning every corner of the house into a craft zone making and creating for Xmas in all my spare time :). But, it is far more productive and enjoyable than cleaning the house, particularly when inhabited by two teenagers and their teenage debris!! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for your replies, it’s always good to know I’m not the only one and Elizabeth’s idea of a clothesline between doorknobs made me smile 🙂 I’m late washing my fleece this year but usually I just hang it on the line to dry, simplicity itself, but with temepratures below freezing it’s not advised today!

  4. No you are not alone on thisone. I hang cloth wool etc on the door in our lounge room plus I have the frame and shelving from a smallish hot house in the lounge to that is fab for drying wool flet clothes sheets etc. Hot air rises so everthing dries fastish plus we are still warm and the air has some moisture.We only have a small house so it is a bit like dodging the vines n the amazon jungle,

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