A little touch of warmth

I adore scarves, especially long long scarves but not everyone agrees and sometimes you just want a little touch of warmth around your neck rather than a big dangly thing getting in the way. That’s why I run neck warmer as well as full length scarf workshosp and thought perhaps you’d like to see some of mine, so here’s one I made earlier.

It’s a very simple idea, black wool with crab fibres but it’s the lustre of the crab that makes
this scarf a little less ordinary.

Purples with a touch of blue and this time I think it’s the button that makes the scarf. I just adore buttons too. I have to confess that when I need to search my button box for that perfect button I always do it in the most haphazard way possible and with all the buttons tipped onto the floor so I can spend a little time admiring each one before it’s rejected and replaced in the box. I’m not even upset if I don’t have the perfect button as it means I’ll need to go buy one. Are you like this?

This one is a little more detailed. After laying out the basic shape I added small lengths of a different shade of red in loops along the edge.

I filled the loops with bright colourful sari silk fibres before felting. I did need to do a tidy up at the pre felt stage but I’m pleased with the way it worked out.

It lays loveley and flat around neck and shoulders with all the little points adding extra interest.

The sari silk is a welcome splash of colour and although very light (two very fine layers)
it’s oh so very warm.

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  1. OOh what nifty neck warmers! Love the colourful sari silk fronds..
    I have rehoused my small but increasing button collection into a jam sandwich biscuit tin – when the buttons tip into the lid for foraging they make a satisfying clatter!
    Ali x

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