Colour change

You start with a little bit of Wensleydale woolliness

Then you add a little dye and cook in the steamer. It’s really simple but I don’t like the smell of the dye and had to have the door open – so cold! Remove excess water with one of these.

Yes, I know it’s called a salad spinner but in my house it’s used as a wool spinner to rid the fleece of excess water and it works really well on small amounts. Much better than leaving it dripping, or damping with a towel as less likely to felt in the process. A small handle but it spins very quickly and forces the fleece against the walls allowing the water to drain away – look.

It looks so lovely now.

My new, temporary kitchen decoration.

2 Replies to “Colour change”

  1. No….you start with a little bit of Wensleydale woolliness, then you add some dubious looking liquids to it until the kitchen starts to smell like a stagnant camel. Then you put it into the microwave, that’s the microwave we use to cook food in….and heat it until the whole house smells like an entire herd of camels with personal hygiene issues.

    And, despite complaining for 4 hours solidly each time your husband cooks delicious curry sauce, one comment along the lines of ‘there’s a mildly unusual smell in here’ is met with a volley of abuse.

  2. It was in a sealed bag on a plate our food will go nowhere near it and yes, it does smell but at least I close the kitchen door and try to contain it! For the benefit of my readers, the delicious curry suace referred to by Hubby is the smell of boiled onions, boiled for a very long time. I love him really folks, he does put up with a lot 🙂

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