Crocheted cushion

I’ve been working my way through some lovely 2 ply wool over this last year and wanted to show you my latest offering. Here it is before I made it up, just a long rectangle ready to be made up envelope style.

The colours are created by combining two yarns together and each time there’s a change I change only one yarn, carrying the other forward onto the next section which helps to blend colours.

You’d expect the side with the fastening to be the back but I rather fancy this as the front.

A mixture of purple, brown, green and blue. The sections look quite equal but I can assure you that was entirely coincidence. This is the first time I’ve ever created buttonholes in a piece of crochet so I’m rather pleased with myself at the moment as it seems to have worked okay.

The sage green buttons are from Duttons for Buttons and I love the raised stitch like texture round the edge. I enjoyed making this and it’s so easy playing with colour, no pattern to worry about just as long as you check occasionally that you still have the same number of stitches and then stop when it’s long enough, it couldn’t be simpler.


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