I made collars earlier in the year and made two pairs of cuffs last weekend. Unfortunately I’m unable to wear wool against my skin for more than a minute or two even if it’s nuno felt, so I’ve been playing around with plant fibres to see if they would be better at preventing itchiness.

The fibre used is Merino with decoration of red tussah silk and finished with a cream button. On the inside of the cuff I’ve added a deep layer of soya bean fibres.

It’s warm and comfortable to wear, the soya bean has given the inside a wonderful lustre and it’s certainly cut down the irritation of the wool.

Two fine layers of Merino with wool nepps for decoration and a pair of fabulous Swarovski crystal buttons for fastening. The inside is smothered with bamboo fibre, silky, soft and lustrous.

My preferred cuffs are these black and white ones but I have to admit I’m  more inclined to use a longer fingerless mitten so I guess that’s what I’ll be making next.

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