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I always find it rather irritating to be told in January that it’s a depressing month, people going round spouting this nonsense is what takes the fun out of life, rant rant. We’ve had some very pretty snow (the inconvenience is nothing really), sledging, snowball fights and snowman building. Clear crisp days with bright sun that makes you glad to be alive and we have a birthday in the house this week.

We kind of miss the fun of the Christmas decoration so, in addition to candles and a set of fairy lights that we have up all year we thought the occasion demanded a little effort on the decoration front.

This is all Charlotte’s work. There are 39 origami birds suspended from our kitchen ceiling and when we switch the lamp on we have another 39 courtesy of shadows. As the bulb in the lamp warms up the birds begin to dance in the warm air stream. It’s a real wow when you enter the room.

They’re so much fun although the cats keep looking at them in an odd puzzled kind of way, not like any birds they’ve ever seen before.

On Sunday night they were being very stubborn and refusing to take their proper form but, after a good night’s sleep and identification of a missing step, the process was much eased. Apart from sledging this is what kept my daughter occupied on Monday when school was closed.

The task of stringing and hanging them was more than equal to the task of creating them. In this photo you can see it’s not the only thing she made, in the background is a paper chain made from a kit bought at Oxfam.

As a child I loved making paper chains but we never had papers as beautiful as this. If you have any ideas for how I can reuse these later I’d be very grateful as they’re way too good for the bin.

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