Making up

Last month I bought a remnant from the Fent Shop in Skipton which covered a stool for me. There was plenty of fabric leftover which has now made me a new shopping bag.

There’s still a little left even now. Searching for wo  lin the boxes under the bed I became aware of just how many pairs of knitting needles I own having inherited my Gran’s and my Mum’s and having added to the stash myself. A clearout was in order so I’ve slimmed it down to one pair of each size and decided I should make a receptacle to store them in. I don’t need a traditional needle roll, I don’t use them often enough for that.

The fabric above was bought for a project that didn’t work out and so was stahed away for another day. It’s upholstery quality so is strong enough to resist needle points.

A remnant of red cord from my stash provides the enclosure and now there’ll be no more  loose needles rattling about. the sewing machine was still out and there was plenty of fabric left so I made two more bags.

These though are destined to be presents.




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