Snow Inspiration

I love snow, especially when we get a good decent downfall and not just a light sprinkling. It feels like winter should, everything is quiet and looks wonderful under it’s white blanket. Once the thaw begins I’m less keen, grey, slushy, dirty snow has no appeal whatsoever. So here’s what the fresh snow inspired me to make.


I’ve used BlFL for the background and Black Welsh for the tree as it has a naturally darker brown colour than the BFL.


The colour you can see in the background is from hand dyed BF and the white flecks of snow were created by using wool nepps.


Fully felted and ready for finishing.


I’m really rather pleased with this one, it makes me smile each time I look at it.


The blanket stitch edging is in purple embroidery thread and picks up on the purple tones which I added to the trunk of the tree. There’s also a little dark green on the tree but the camera doesn’t seem to have picked it up.


You might be able to pick out the wiggly bits on the tree branches, this is bamboo fibres adding a little lustre.


Wish I could keep it but this is destined for my shop.

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  1. Ooh how beautiful Angela – I had lots of time to gaze at snow filled tree branches and this captures them so well – very atmospheric. I can almost hear the silence of the snow just looking at it!
    Ali x

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