Present tree

The intention had been to show you this before it was given as a birthday present and to ask you to keep it secret, however life is like a runaway train at the moment and so you’re seeing it after the intended recipient.

Mum loves trees and so I determined to make a felt picture for her.I hoped to create a vibrant stylised tree and you can judge for yourselves if I achieved that. Unusually for me, I began by laying out a white background.


Recently I carded up some old fibres and used a selection to create a coloured background for the tree.


I wetted the fibres out then began laying out the tree structure using more carded fibres of browns, greys and purples.


Then began the most time consuming part of the laying out – the leaves.


I stopped when I reached the stage below but was still a little unsure as to whether I should have added more.


I also wished I’d had a couple more greens to use but time restrictions meant I needed to press on and here it is finished.



It’s actually brighter than it looks on screen as I used a lot of lime green on the leaves knowing that it’;d be placed next to two bright purple flower pictures and needed to hold it’s own. Hubby then cut, dowelled and glued some lengths of wood together so that I could hang it. I really didn’t want it to go behind glass.


Mum’s very pleased with it and I think it’s okay but as usual, I’d do it differently next time.

2 Replies to “Present tree”

  1. Wow Angela – love watching the tree grow and the leaves appearing gradually in all their green finery. Your tree shape flows so well.
    I often think I’d do things differently another time – but it makes the first piece that more special as there won’t be another like it!
    Ali x

  2. love the Tree-mendous comment Ali, made me smile. There can never be another the same can there? Try as you might it can only ever be similar. Mum is very pleased with it which was the main aim so I’m a happy bunny.

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