Felting in a small space

People often say that wet felting is messy and takes too much space. I think today that I can refute those comments as I’ve just completed a 3D project wet felted entirely on a tea tray on my lap and no, the floor wasn’t wet and neither was I.

My Gran always used to say that I dealt cards in a very small circle, I think her actual words were toilet seat, so perhaps that’s why I didn’t find it difficult working this way.


You can see that I’ve put a towel down on the tray and  then bubble wrap on top just as if I was working in a larger space. At the back of the tray are a pile of felted rolls and I’ve begun laying out the fibres onto the resist.


I’m working with Black Welsh fibres as this project is destined for outdoors so wool from a hill breed was an obvious choice. The felt rolls are now attached to the resist and I felted it by rubbing, no rolling on this occasion.


It’s pretty much done here. You can see the bottle of soapy water was exchanged for a bowlful of hot soapy water to aid fulling and it’s now sat on a radiator drying. Tomorrow I hope to show you the finished article and explain what the purpose of this container will be.

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  1. As most of the felt I make is quite small I too work on a knee resting tea tray with a towel…however I spread my fibres all over the room as I make my choices of colour! The shade I need is usually right at the bottom of my hamper and I make other selections from the fuzziness I pass along the way!
    Love your container – amazing shape and looking forward to finding out its purpose!
    Ali x

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