Gotland handbag

Looking through my fibre stash I noticed some Gotland that had been waiting quietly for ages and decided it was high time it was used. Unusually for me, I decided to work from outside in and began by laying out some pre-felt decoration on one side and hand spun Soay yarn on the other.


After completely encasing the resists in fibre I then added a further resist on each side to form the internal pockets. then it was down to the usual rubbing and rolling. Gotland is quite an easy fibre to felt and is a lovely shade of grey.


I was ably assisted in my endeavours by Puck. Puck never likes to be far from me and often follows me around the house as I do my chores. A blanket lined box on a sunny windowsill is just the place from which to watch others work.


Cut from the resist and turned right way out. Being a long fibres you can see that the fibres have migrated right through the Merino pre-felt which has lost some definition.


The Soay yarn has almost completely disappeared as it was quite fine. Obviously if I was repeating this I’d lay it on more thickly.


No shoulder strap this time just simple slits in the wool to form hand holds. I like this simple shape of bag and it’s very easy to do.


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