Nuno flower workshop

We had a fabulous sunny day for our nuno flower workshop with 4 sunny tempered ladies who made it such a joy. The first image up is by Jean or Jubilant Jean we ended up calling her as all her colour choices throughout the day were so vibrant and full of fun.


We actually began the day by felting fabrics you don’t normally associate with nuno felting, polycotton and velvet. Polycotton is very closely woven and so doesn’t allow the fibres to migrate through the fabric during wet felting. We overcame this by dry needle felting fibres through from the back of the fabric and then wet felting. You can see that they give great texture and have made two splendid hearts ready for further embellishing.


Putting away the felting needles we went on to explore different fabrics in nuno felting. Lightweight fabrics like silk chiffon work very easily but can be subsumed into the felt and therefore add more colour than texture, chunkier fabricslike  lace give greater texture but can obscure the colours of the fibre if not handled carefully.


The blue flower from Christine has silk chiffon which has given delicate blues but very little texture. The mixed purples in front is from Gill and contains cotton muslin which adds texture but also knocks the colour of the fibres back a little. Jean incorporated parts of two old synthetic scarves into the yellow flower which gave some texture and each fabric felted in quite differently. The pink and orange flower from Stephanie contained synthetic crystal organza which has lovely vibrant colour and great texture.


Double flowers were next with fabrics on the inner layer of felt. The most striking example here is Christine’s innovative use of white lace on the purple flower. The piece of lace had a flower within a lace circle, Christine removed the central flower and used the remaining lace doughnut shape. It creates a really lovely eye catching centre to the flower. Gill added cotton muslin to the pink and purple flower at the back but then brought the fibre colours forward again by adding thin lines of fibre over the top of the fabric.Very effective.


Christine’s interpretation of a poppy worked out well and Gill was delighted with her more spiky shaped blue and green flower even though she normally doesn’t do spiky. The sweet little flower in front has lace petals and is from Jubilant Jean. Stephanie has promised to forward a picture of her final flower (large with 3 layers) when she finishes it off. Thank you ladies, it was a lovely day.

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