Length of the Tees

We decided to have a couple of days away over Easter and chose to stay in the youth hostel at Langdon Beck up Teesdale. Teesdale is very quiet, some would call it bleak but I just love it up there. As we came down the valley from Alston it meant we had fabulous views as it was very cold but bright. The roads had obviously been cleared after the last lot of heavy snow but there were drift at the roadside that were 5 foot in height and it was single track in places where the snow had blown back across or collapsed onto the road.

As we drove carefully along this quiet road we were suddenly most surprised to see lots of cars parked on both sides and on looking for the reason why were met with this sight


It wasn’t what I was expecting to see but obviously the locals knew all about this little spot and were making the most of it. We also visited High Force waterfall and were impressed by the length of the icicles still very much in evidence, we had little forays along the Pennine Way here and there as our daughter gamely and gingerly tottered along with her dodgy knee.


Near the end of the Tees we visited a bird reserve that uses sheep as lawn mowers and were delighted to see lambs that were only six hours old. Visitors could suggest names for the two boys, we suggested Dave and Barry plus Spike and Angel (our daughter likes the Buffy TV series). The two lambs below are calles Salt and Pepper and are 3 days old.


No snow here you notice.




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  1. OOOh so great to see some of our favourite places – in the snow!
    Fab picture of High Force – we’ve seen it in full flow one winter but never in such icicled spleandour!
    Ali x

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