Nuno flowers 2 and 3

In playing with fabric and fibre I was keen to use some fabrics which I wouldn’t normally consider. usually I’d only use fabric through which the fibre can migrate during the wet felting process. This time I began the process by dry needle felting the fibres through the poly cotton.


The poly cotton is dense and closely woven which is why it can’t be used in wet nuno felting. It was so dense I couldn’t dry felt it from the fabric side I had to turn it over and needle felt from the fibre side.


Here it is when I’ve finished the dry needle felting. The red heart has velvet on one side. You need to be careful not to overdo the needle felting or when it’s subsequently wet felted the fibres may conceal the fabric.


After wet felting. Lovely textures from both fabrics but I especially like the blue and white patterned poly cotton.


Beaded up, stitch and seed beads added, bow trim and edged round with blanket stitch.


I really like the red with turquoise, I can definitely see me making more.


I love this one though, it has a real vintage feel, I think my daughter is coveting it.

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  1. I really love these (but as you already know I have a penchant for hearty shaped things, The stage just prior to being beaded up caught my interest – that lovely ruched and bumpy stage – I think you are on to a winner 🙂

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