Nuno scarf 2

Lots more colour in this scarf. I began by hand dyeing silk chiffon in delicate pinks which made a great base to begin from. I laid down small amounts of coloured silk fibres and thencovered them with peach and pink fibres.


This was followed by a layer of carded pink, white, peach and apricot fibres topped
with dyed tussah silk and throwsters silk.

I left one edge free of fibres as I’d left the selvage on. After flipping it over I laid a few
tiny circles of fibres on the top side.


I stopped part way through felting and added some stitching to each of the coloured circles.
Below you can see what the scarf looked like at the end of felting.



The coloured circles are where I put thew stitching, I then cut sections away to reveal the
silk fibres and peach and pink wool beneath.


Each large circle had three small circles of wool nearby and I cut the centres out of
each creating holes in the scarf.


You can see the reverse with silk fibres above and the frilled silk chiffon where I left it free of fibre.
I couldn’t stop there though, I just had to bead the ends.


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  1. Thank you both. I’m not a fan of pink either and couldn’t see myself wearing this but I do really like it

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