Nuno scarf 3

Back to white silk chiffon for the base again. I haven’t shown you the white ones in the laying out stages as white goes translucent when wet and is therefore difficult to photograph. I laid circles of brown BFL blended with tussah silk down on the chiffon first, then added bits of yarn, lace and pebbles to create texture. Over that I laid a fine layer of white BFL and throwsters silk waste.


Again, I stopped part way and stitched into each of the dark circles and removed a section ofย  fabric from each to reveal the brown BFL beneath.


You can quite clearly see the texture created by the lace, yarn and pebbles. The colour of the pebbles shows through quite well too.


I was careful choosing the pebbles to ensure they were smooth so that they wouldn’t pierce the fabric. The yarn was a boucle yarn which has really added to the texture in the finished piece.


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  1. Thank you Sally, nuno is the process of bonding fabric with wool fibres through the wet felting process to create a new fabric. There’s no stitching involved.

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