Nuno scarf workshop

We began the day by salt and pepper dyeing of the silk chiffon. After suspending pieces of net curtain over bowls we put the scarfs on and sprinkled fibre reactive dyes over then set it with a solution of washing soda and hot water.


I forgot to take my camera, yet again, but I’ve changed my phone and now have a camera always to hand. I’m still getting used to it and some photos were blurred and I’ve been unable to use them, my apologies. It’s such a shame for you as they really were rather wonderful.Photo0018

Very vibrant colours from Eri, her English is far better than my Greek and she managed very well.


A lovely creation from Jean with a lace frill.


Anne’s first ever piece of felt – fabulous.


As it was still wet this scarf by Edna looks darker than it is and had some great textures on the reverse side.


India came prepared with this lovely design and worked very hard on the laying out. No frilly edge but long fringing instead.

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