Recycling, upcycling, prettyfying

Whatever word you choose to use I thought I’d share a project from the Easter holidays. My Daughter wanted to do ‘something crafty’ together and all forms of fibre seemed to be off the menu so I searched the house looking for inspiration.


I found these two vases which never seem to get used and are were just gathering dust. After a good wash we began our endeavours. The plan was that we could do anything we wanted to the vases but using only items that were already in the house, nothing was to be bought. Two reasons for this, I didn’t want to spend the money and my Daughter wanted to start the project now not after a shopping trip. First up is the tall vase worked on by my Daughter.


She loves orange and was delighted to find that we had an orange glass paint in the cupboard. It was very lucky as it was the only glass paint we had and is so old no-one can even remember where it came from or what it might have been bought for. She is very pleased, justly so, with her handiwork of tiny scrolls and has decided to keep the vase.


Mine got even messier than I expected when I chose to use some old pieces of net curtain and some glue. These lacy flowers were cut from an old net curtain two years ago and once I’d started I couldn’t stop. They’ve adorned many a piece of felt and now have a new use on this vase and yet there’s still loads of them left. It was just like being at school with glue all over my hands. I do like the finished effect but I’m not very sure that it’s me and will be used.

My Mum goes to a craft group every week where they often do dried flower arrangements and are sometimes looking for new containers to hold them. This may find a new home with Mum.

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