Stitched into felt workshop

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s one of my favourite workshops. We began by stitching into the fabrics before laying out the fibres, then stopped and stitched at the pre-felt stage and then there’s opportunity to add as much stitching , beading etc. as you like after felting. Instead of the usual photos of the finished items I thought I’d show you a few details so you can see how much the stitch can become part of, and add to, the background.


This first piece is by Mich with crystal organza, stitched wool thread at the beginning and extra stitching just being added at the end. The purple and green stitched added early on have submerged into the background.


This lovely colour combination is by Marina and has three different fabrics each adding it’s own variant of texture plus stitching in wool, metallic and other threads


This highly decorated piece is by Pam and again there’s three different fabrics two of which have been highlighted. Stitching in embroidery cottons, metallics, wool and mohair threads.Adding stitch before and at the part way stage allows you to add details which become part of the piece rather than sitting on top of it. I think it’s rather lovely the way it works.


Just two fabrics on this piece by Ruth but used very effectively and adorned with stitch in wool. metallic and embroidery cottons. Additional texture was created through the use of Teeswater curls. I’d happily have kept all or any of the felts but they insisted on taking them home. However, Marina has been kind enough to send a shot of her finished book cover – isn’t it lovely.


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