A funny old week

It seemed manic preparing to take Adelaide Walker to the WonderWool Wales show, I’m sure April must have been a week shorter this year. At the same time we were blessedly busy with orders at the mill and had problems with a custom fibre blend which took a little sorting. Mum does her best to keep me busy too and we also managed to squeeze in a lovely day together at the Sheffield Botanical Gardens which is a favourite with me. It’s not over large but has Victorian glasshouses and lots of spring plants and trees in flower just now.

I drove the van (yup, white van girl for a weekend) to Wales and back and I wasn’t too bad driving down but the more I drove the van the more I lost my confidence and I’m sure anyone following me on the way back must have been cursing me for holding them up. Fortunately I’m back to normal now I’m driving my car again, I don’t know what happened there I usually enjoy a bit of van driving. Trying not to worry what I’ll be like next month when we go to Woolfest!

On Tuesday night I had my photo taken by a student from Bradford College doing a HNC photography course. As her final piece Margaret had chosen to show artisans at work trying to capture the look of concentration on working faces. In addition to me she’d gone round everything from a card maker to a farrier and we’ve all been promised some photos plus an invite to the exhibition open evening. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve had no time to make felt but have snuck in a few minutes hooky time her and there to make a start on a baby blanket – I’m going to be Great Aunt Angela – something about the great aunt title makes me feel old and crumbly. Perhaps I could work on getting known as mad / eccentric Great Aunt Angela, that sounds better.

When I visited the knit and stitch show at Harrogate last November I treated myself to some patterned silk chiffon for which I’ve had a project in mind for aaaaages. Tomorrow may just be the day when I can start – it’s a nuno project and the largest project I’ve undertaken for some time. Wish me luck.

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  1. You have been busy! I would love to visit the botanical gardens – they are some of my favourite places, a mixture of history and planning for the future – wonderful x

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