Just for me

It makes a nice change to make something which I know from the outset is just for me. I bought some printed silk chiffon in November with the intention of making a nuno skirt. I attend lots of wool or wool related events and never seem to be wearing any, I felt left out! A nuno skirt which I would then line would be perfect.  I gathered together all the colours I thought would work with the material and began pondering.


I’ve had sufficient time since November to ponder so I should have known something just didn’t feel right. I loved the fabric but just couldn’t see in my head eactly how I would felt it. Posing in front of the mirror, I wrapped the fabric around me and imagined the finished skirt. Nope, I just wasn’t feeling it

Even now, I’m not sure if I could tell you what wasn’t right but I changed tack, cut the fabric in half and  decided to make a scarf. Some of you may know that I can’t wear wool, especially round the neck but I adore scarves and want to wear ones I have made.  The enjoyment of the laying out process is only marred by the knowledge that I can’t keep it in this fluffy cloud state forever.


Initially I put wool nepps down on the fabric to create even more texture when felted. Then I’ve laid out a mix of turquoise blue Merino along the edge with a singles hand spun yarn (by yours truly) in many shades of blue and topped it all off with red nepps. You can see some of the fibres reaching fingers across to the left. The procedure was repeated on the other side although with a narrower border which was done to hide the raw edge of the fabric and to make the scarf truly double sided (another little hang up of mine)


Do you like it?  The lime green doesn’t look great with it but it happened to be what I was wearing plus it shows the blues clearly. In the picture below I’ve tried to show you some of the texture created through nuno felting.


I’m so pleased I added the red nepps as it would have been a little dull without them. Here’s another shot of the border.


It’s a little easier to see the hand spun yarn in this picture and you can’t have too much of a good thing so here it is again.


The reason I can wear this scarf is that the wool is confined to the ends where it won’t come into contact with the sensitive skin on my neck and upper body. I added a minute amount along the long edge to cover the raw fibres and give me a rolled edge but it’s so tiny I don’t have to worry plus I can always hide it in the folds of the scarf to keep it away from my skin. It’s barely been unworn since I completed it. Happy?  Yep! plus I still have a second piece of fabric which can be made into a scarf for someone else.


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