Waterways Festival

I’ve been off line for a few days as my computer needed a new power cable. I wanted to share with you our foray into Skipton last weekend to explore the Waterways Festival. The canal is filled with boats each dressed up with the year’s theme. The theme this year was cartoons. Alongside the boats, there’s live music, stalls and this year a bird of prey centre. I took this photo of a wood owl.


Can you see him? I never got to see his face as he’d decided we weren’t worth looking at and it amused me how well camouflaged he was as he sat so still. You could walk past him in the wild and never notice.

Amongst the boats on the canal was one owned by my friend Judy and we were lucky enough to go on board and look around. They’re an absolute marvel of compact design: a full size shower, en-suite facilities, cupboards hidden behind pictures,a washing machine and even a bath.


It was moored right next to the live music so we could enjoy it sitting down in the warmth with a cuppa. Here’s a couple of photos of decoration on other boats. One theme based and one traditional.



But when I saw these I was delighted. They’re very clever design of Shaun the Sheep  and not just appealing during the day as they’re lanterns, shame I didn’t get a photo in the evening.



I just love this fat sheep. We’ll be back next year for the festival, I wonder what the theme will be next time.

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