Back on the flower trail – 2

In my first post I showed you the basic flower shapes made up ready and waiting for stamens. I’d now like to show you my three favourites, one from each of the colour ranges.

pink flower

It’s not just the shape I like in the pink one it’s the starkly contrasting stamens.

purple flower

I think the purples really show off the lovely Ramie fibres.

turquoise flower

What can I say, I was bound to like this, turquoise is a strong favourite of mine.


They look lovely together don’t they. My next job was to select a piece of wood from offcuts in the garage and to give it a wash and a sand down.


It definitely looked a bit grubby before the wash. Those of you who read my blog last year may already have realised where I’m going with this idea. Next job is with the glue gun and here are the results.


It’s so nice I couldn’t resist showing you more than one photo.


I’ve tried to glue the flowers on in such a way that it could be hung from either end or horizontally.


I was so pleased with this and so loath to discard the flowers I made during demonstrations at another show, that I’ve mounted those too.


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