Back on the flower trail

It’s just as well that I enjoy making felt flowers as that’s exactly what I’m doing again. At Adelaide Walker we sell felt flower kits where you can choose your own flower colours. These same kits will be coming with us to the shows this summer but it’s not practical to offer choose your own colours in those situations so we’ve decided upon three colours – pink, purple and turquoise.


I need to make some flowers up for a display centrepiece so people will know what the finished item is like and so that I can take a photo for the front of the kit. On Friday I made up some pink and turquoise flowers and yesterday I finished off the purple.


What do you think of our colour choices?  Is there a colour missing that you believe would be a best seller?  In each pack we put three shades of wool plus some Ramie tops which are the fibres giving that lovely lustrous shine and wiggle decoration to the flowers. Obviously everything else needed to make the flowers is included along with colour instructions.

When the display piece is finished I will show it to you but for now I have 17 flowers awaiting stamens so I’d better get on with the next stage.

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